Kim Kardashian’s Haunted Mansion: Inside Her Spooky Halloween Transformation

Kim Kardashian really went all out this Halloween season, transforming her home into a haunted mansion that would make even Disney blush. Her Hidden Hills property, which spans over an acre of land and 4,200 square feet, was the perfect canvas for her spooky decorations.

In a house tour posted on social media, Kardashian took her fans on a journey through the elaborate Halloween-themed decor. From a “cemetery” filled with plaster-molded hands resembling her family members, including her kids and even her chef, to two massive skull-plated pillars guarding her front door, there was plenty to marvel at.

Inside the mansion, Kardashian didn’t hold back on the Halloween spirit. Candles, cobwebs, and hooded dummies lined her long and wide hallway, creating a truly eerie atmosphere.

And let’s not forget about the haunted guest house, which added an extra level of spookiness to the already impressive setup.

It’s clear that Kardashian and her kids are big fans of Halloween, as no expense was spared in creating this ghoulish masterpiece. This is the house she won in the divorce from Kanye West, and she’s certainly making it her own.

If only we could get a ticket to experience this spooky maze firsthand. It’s safe to say that Kardashian could charge top dollar for a walk-through of her haunted mansion!

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