Keke Palmer Offers Support to Chrisean Rock, a Black Single Mother Facing Criticism and Healthcare Challenges

Keke Palmer, known for her acting and singing abilities, is offering her support to Chrisean Rock, a reality star facing challenges as a Black single mother. Keke, who is also a new mom, expressed her frustration with those calling for Chrisean’s baby to be taken away from her. She believes that in situations like these, the priority should be on maternal healthcare and ensuring neglected children are not placed in the flawed foster care system, which often leads to a cycle of crime.

In addition, Keke highlighted the ongoing healthcare crisis faced by Black women, of which Chrisean is just one of many victims. According to the CDC, Black women experienced nearly 70 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2021, almost three times the number of White women.

This isn’t the first time Keke Palmer has spoken out about the challenges of motherhood. She echoes the sentiments expressed by Cardi B, who also discussed Chrisean’s early struggles with postpartum depression. However, the controversy surrounding Chrisean’s baby has intensified with accusations made by Blueface, the rapper and father of the child.

Blueface caused uproar by exposing their son’s genitals and accusing Chrisean of neglecting to schedule necessary surgery for a hernia. Meanwhile, Chrisean is still dealing with the aftermath of a viral video that showed her carelessly holding her baby in a Walmart.

Despite the criticisms, Chrisean defended herself against Blueface’s claims but admitted that she had not yet set a date for her son’s surgery.

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