Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Opens Up About Relationship with Taylor Swift

Oh boy, it looks like Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, is spilling the tea about his relationship with none other than the queen of pop, Taylor Swift! In an interview on his podcast, “New Heights,” with his brother, Jason Kelce, Travis admits that his personal life is no longer personal after his rendezvous with the pop star.

In the video, Jason wastes no time in diving into the juicy details, saying, “We’ve been avoiding this subject out of respect for your personal life — now we’ve got to talk about it.”

Travis responds, “My personal life that is not so personal. I did this to myself Jason, I know this.” But enough about that, Jason gets straight to the point and asks Travis how it feels to finally be put on the map by Taylor Swift.

Travis can’t help but chuckle before recounting how his life has changed since Taylor entered the picture. He’s now constantly bombarded by camera-wielding paparazzi with British accents lurking outside his home, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

But it’s not all bad, Travis gives credit to Taylor for being “pretty ballsy,” showing up at his NFL game and even hanging out with his friends and family in his personal suite. He gushes about how amazing she looked and how everyone saw her in a positive light. The moment that sticks out the most in Travis’ mind is Taylor giving chest bumps and high fives to his mom. Adorable!

And get this, Travis is not shy about his friendship with Taylor. He proudly mentions wearing the Taylor friendship bracelet while also expressing his desire to “respect both our lives.”

But here’s the million-dollar question that Travis conveniently avoids answering — are he and Taylor actually dating? Hmmm, we need answers!

In case you missed it, TMZ was the first to report that Taylor and Travis have been seen spending a lot of private time together over the past few months. And if sitting on someone’s lap at a party after a game isn’t a dead giveaway, then what is?

Ever since that day, Travis has become the talk of the town and the world. Taylor’s surprise appearance at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Chiefs dominate the Chicago Bears 41 to 10 has made their relationship the stuff of legends. And let’s not forget the media frenzy that followed their escape in a getaway car. Classic.

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/27/travis-kelce-taylor-swift-relationship-chiefs-game-podcast-brother-jason/