“Jonathan Majors Drops Major Clue: Is Meagan Good His Mrs. Majors?”

Jonathan Majors has dropped a major clue that he and Meagan Good might be more than just a couple. At the Black and White Gala in D.C., Meagan asked Jonathan if he wanted to say anything, to which he replied, “Y’all heard the missus, so that’s what it is.” The crowd’s reaction was a mix of cheers and gasps, as they seemed to imply that she’s Mrs. Majors. While there hasn’t been any further clarification from either party, people online are buzzing with speculation. It would certainly be a big deal if they were indeed married, considering they’ve only been together for a few months. However, their relationship has been going strong, with the couple traveling together and supporting each other through thick and thin. Meagan has faced criticism for standing by Jonathan amid allegations, but she clearly believes in his innocence. Meanwhile, Jonathan has been making headlines for intervening in a fight between high school kids. Whether they are married or not, one thing’s for sure – Jonathan and Meagan make quite the power couple.

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/24/jonathan-majors-calls-meagan-good-missus-marriage-rumor/