Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner: International Battle in Divorce Case

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce Turns into an International Battle

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

A Miami courtroom became the stage for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce case. The couple’s lawyers are now fighting over whether the case should be heard by an American judge or a UK judge. The outcome of this decision could drastically affect the proceedings.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

If an American judge presides over the case, it gives Joe a major home-court advantage. On the other hand, if a UK judge handles it, things could shift in Sophie’s favor. The stakes are incredibly high, especially when it comes to the custody of their two children.

Sophie Turner

According to Joe’s lawyer, Thomas Sasser, Sophie’s counsel argues that since their family is primarily based in the UK, the divorce should be handled there. Sophie’s lawyer did not directly respond, but sources say that is indeed the plan.

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In a related development, Sophie filed a claim in federal court alleging that Joe violated an international child abduction law by withholding the passports of their children, preventing her from taking them back to England. The judge ruled that for the time being, the kids must remain in the New York area.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
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The Miami judge confirmed in court that he will respect the federal judge’s decision. If the federal judge determines that the U.S. is the appropriate venue, the Miami judge will hear the case. Otherwise, a UK judge will take over. The battle continues!

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