Jamie Lynn Spears Shines on “Dancing With the Stars” While Concerns for Britney Mount

Jamie Lynn Spears made her debut on “Dancing With the Stars” with her mom, Lynne, in the audience. However, there was one person who didn’t receive any attention during Jamie Lynn’s time on screen, and that was her sister, Britney.

Jamie Lynn, the former child star and Britney’s famous little sister, performed a tango with her dance partner Alan Bersten, receiving an average score of 15/30. The real focus, though, seemed to be what was happening offstage, with Jamie Lynn’s family showing up to support her.

Lynne was there cheering for her daughter, but the sweet moment was overshadowed by concerns for Britney. Over the past 48 hours, Britney has been posting disturbing videos on social media, including knife dance clips and videos that show her injured.

Some have speculated that the injuries could be from the knives she’s been wielding during her at-home dance routines, sparking commentary about her well-being.

Despite their rocky relationship over the past year, sources say that Britney knew her sister would be on TV for “Dancing With the Stars.” However, Jamie Lynn didn’t mention or allude to Britney during her performance. Whether Britney watched or not remains a mystery, as she hasn’t publicly acknowledged Jamie Lynn’s casting.

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