Ja Morant Surprises Kids at Memphis Basketball Court with Signature Nike Kicks

Ja Morant, the star player for the Grizzlies, recently made a surprise appearance at a Memphis basketball court. During a basketball session, he treated the kids to his signature Nike kicks. Morant, who will be serving a 25-game suspension at the start of the season, partnered with Nike to hold the “Only Basketball” event. The kids were beyond excited when the 2x All-Star showed up at the gym. Not only did Morant show off his skills with a massive dunk, but he also gifted the young athletes his Ja 1s and other athletic gear.

Morant also took the opportunity to give some advice to the kids. He encouraged them to stay focused on the game and avoid getting distracted by outside noise. “Believe in yourself,” Morant said. “You have to have confidence in yourself. There will be a lot of outside stuff that can distract you from your ultimate goal. Just stay locked in, tune it out, and stay true to yourself.”

By the way, the new “Chimney” colorway for the Ja 1 Nike sneakers was revealed. They feature Morant’s iconic phrase, “We ain’t ducking no smoke,” on the side. The sneakers will be released later this year.

This off-season, Morant has been laying low following the controversy surrounding his second gun video that caused a stir in the NBA. However, despite the backlash, Nike decided to stand by Morant, and it seems to be working out well for both parties.

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