J Balvin Surprises Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer with Lavish 30th Birthday Party

J Balvin Throws Luxurious Surprise Party for Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer’s 30th Birthday

J Balvin knows how to celebrate in style, and he pulled out all the stops for his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer’s 30th birthday.

The Colombian artist rented a massive villa on the Miami Beach waterfront, spanning over 7,000 square feet, to host the luxurious surprise party. About 35 people, including Valentina’s family, attended the celebration.

J Balvin went all out to make the event memorable. He flew Valentina’s parents, siblings, and other family members from Argentina to join in the festivities. Even their 2-year-old son, Rio, was present, although he probably didn’t party as hard as the adults.

One of the highlights of the night was the food. J Balvin hired a private chef from Colombia who served a spread of mouth-watering Argentinian meats. A DJ kept the party going with great tunes throughout the night.

Valentina had no idea about the surprise party, making it an even more special occasion. J Balvin successfully kept the secret, including getting Valentina’s entire family to attend.

Hot take: J Balvin knows how to throw a surprise party, but I bet Valentina Ferrer was secretly hoping for a surprise performance from JB himself. Maybe next time!