J Balvin Expresses Admiration for Britney Spears and Her New Memoir: “The Woman In Me”

J Balvin, the renowned “La Cancion” singer, was spotted in Tarzana where he took a moment to express his admiration for Britney Spears and her new memoir, “The Woman In Me.” According to J Balvin, Britney deserves all the success that comes her way.

In an interview, J Balvin mentioned how proud he is of Britney and emphasized that she is a source of inspiration for many people around the world. He expressed his happiness to see her back on top once again, following recent events.

It’s worth noting that J Balvin recently joined Britney, along with Maluma, during her promotional tour in New York City. During that time, J Balvin said Britney was in a great place emotionally, which will undoubtedly help her handle any potential backlash the book may receive.

Speaking of the book, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive so far, with people flocking to grab a copy. Additionally, Britney’s music has seen a surge in streaming numbers, further solidifying her successful comeback.

Encouraging Britney’s continued success, J Balvin expressed his hope that she will soon enter the studio to create new music. And as for a recent diss from Bad Bunny, J Balvin responded with an intriguing comment.

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