Is Adele Married? The Singer Drops Hints During Vegas Show

Adele is at it again with her teasing! This time, she dropped a hint that suggests she may be a married woman. During her residency show in Vegas, Adele went off on a tangent about American football, expressing her confusion about the game. In a video obtained by TMZ, she mentions that her partner, Rich Paul, loves the NFL, which has sparked her interest in the sport, despite her admitted ignorance. While talking about her lack of football knowledge, Adele jokingly refers to herself as “not the greatest wife,” causing laughter from the crowd. It seems like she’s implying that she and Rich Paul are a happily hitched couple. This comes just a few weeks after Adele referred to Rich as her “husband” and previously sparked marriage rumors with a book titled “The Pauls” in her house. Adele has yet to address the speculation directly, but it sounds like she’s content with her guy.

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