“Intense Police Standoff at Alleged Shooter’s Residence in Bowdoin, ME”

Cops have their eyes on the alleged shooter’s residence in Bowdoin, ME, as law enforcement vehicles, drones, and helicopters surround the area. In an intense and wild scene, police have spotted movement in a window, prompting them to call out to the person inside through a loudspeaker, urging them to surrender. While it’s not confirmed if anyone is actually inside, law enforcement is taking every precaution.

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The police presence includes armored vehicles and drones, and they are opting not to send officers into the residence, choosing instead to encourage anyone inside to come out peacefully. Robert Card, the alleged shooter who was captured on surveillance cameras during the shooting spree that claimed 18 lives, managed to escape, leading to a massive manhunt and shelter-in-place orders in several towns.

Robert Card

In the wake of the tragedy, people are flocking to buy guns, and comedians Pete Davidson and John Mulaney have postponed their upcoming shows in Maine. Card, who has a military background, is being approached with caution due to his Army Reserve enlistment over 20 years ago. The story continues to unfold.

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Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/26/maine-mass-shooting-suspect-home-surrounded-cops-robert-card/