Instagram Model Morgan Osman Sets the Record Straight on Her Plane Drama

The woman who made a big deal about her popularity on Instagram while on a plane is now clarifying that she wasn’t kicked off the flight, but rather left on her own accord.

Instagram model Morgan Osman was cruising around Miami in her turquoise car on Wednesday when she opened up to a photographer about what prompted her outburst on the American Airlines flight – a company she claims she’s never been fond of, by the way.

According to Morgan, the whole ordeal started when a woman insisted that Morgan was in her seat. Trying to be the bigger person, Morgan decided to leave the flight. Little did she know, that’s when people started recording her dramatic exit.

Initially, it was widely believed that Morgan was asked to deboard the plane, as the viral clip only showed her cursing at fellow passengers. However, Morgan is now vehemently denying that part of the story.

As we previously reported, Morgan received an offer from adult streaming site CamSoda to perform on their platform after her video went viral. The company was willing to pay her $25,000 for just one hour of her time.

As for her Instagram account, Morgan claims that it was deactivated for violating community guidelines, although she’s unsure of what exactly she did to get banned. It looks like she’ll need to find a different app to brag about on her next flight.

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