Iconic Bob Ross Painting from First Episode of “The Joy of Painting” Goes on Sale for $9.85 Million

An iconic piece of art from the past of the legendary Bob Ross is currently up for sale. It has been four decades since the painting, titled “A Walk in the Woods,” was created on the very first episode of his hit show, “The Joy of Painting.” This is where many people first discovered his incredible talent. The painting features Bob’s signature in the bottom corner and is listed on Modern Artifact for a whopping $9,850,000. While there is room for negotiation, given the significance of the piece, we can only assume that it will sell in that price range.

Fans of the show will remember that Bob Ross didn’t waste any time in creating this incredibly detailed oil painting. In fact, his inaugural episode lasted only 28 minutes, proving just how talented he was. “The Joy of Painting” debuted in 1983 and aired over 400 episodes on PBS, lasting until 1994, a year before his passing due to complications from lymphoma.

Bob Ross’s legacy continues to shine, and his internet fame has only added to his status as one of the greats in the world of art. It’s no surprise that his first televised painting is expected to fetch a hefty sum. In the words of Bob himself, “Let’s get crazy!”

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