Gunplay’s GPS Ankle Monitor Mishap: Another Jail Stint for Rapper

Gunplay’s Misadventure with GPS Ankle Monitor Lands Him in Jail Again

Gunplay, the rapper known for his rebellious spirit and his ex, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, have once again found themselves entangled in a legal mess. It appears that Gunplay, in his infinite wisdom, has managed to violate a restraining order by not quite understanding how GPS ankle monitors work.

According to officials from the Miami-Dade County Jail, Gunplay was booked on Wednesday at 7:10 PM for breaking the restraining order that was put in place for Vonshae’s protection. It seems that Gunplay will have to wait until his court date on November 7th to regain his freedom.

Sources close to the situation reveal that Gunplay was arrested right outside Vonshae’s home after the Florida Department of Corrections Community Control got a ping indicating that the rapper was in the area. The Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies wasted no time in intercepting Gunplay, ensuring that he never had the chance to interact with Vonshae or her child.

This latest arrest marks the eighth time that Gunplay has allegedly violated the restraining order, which clearly states that he must stay at least 500 feet away from Vonshae. It seems that Gunplay just can’t resist the temptation, despite the consequences that come with it.

Despite their explosive argument in August, which led to their breakup, Gunplay and Vonshae continue to be at odds with each other. Their ongoing love and hip-hop drama spills heavily into the streets and leaves us all wondering what will happen next in this chaotic relationship.

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