“Guess Which Hip Hop Icons Are the Proud Parents of These Cute Kiddos!”

When it comes to hip hop, even the biggest names in the game have some seriously adorable offspring. But can you guess which rap icons are the proud parents of these cute kiddos?

Hip Hop's Cutest Babies -- Guess Who!

This little guy, born in 2021, is the child of a famous hip hop duo known for their killer lyrics. They recently celebrated his second birthday at Disneyland!

When these parents aren’t feuding online, they’re causing a ruckus backstage at award shows! Can you guess whose baby this cash-counting cutie belongs to?

Here’s another adorable little one whose mama needs no introduction. This child, born in 2020, was given a truly unique name that would make Goldilocks do a double take!

With a rap superstar for a mother, this super baby has seen their fair share of success. Guess who this talented tot belongs to!

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Show Off Newborn Son for First Time in Family Shoot

As reported earlier, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their son, Riot Rose, last month. They recently shared some adorable photos of their new bundle of joy in a heartwarming family shoot.

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