Golf Star Phil Mickelson Opens Up About Gambling Addiction

Golf Star Phil Mickelson Opens Up About Gambling Addiction

Mickelson Admits His Gambling Hobby Turned Into an Addiction

Golf superstar Phil Mickelson is finally addressing the rumors that have followed him for years – his gambling addiction. Mickelson released a statement on social media, confessing that he crossed the line between moderation and addiction, stating that “it isn’t any fun at all.”

According to Mickelson, his gambling addiction didn’t result in devastating financial losses, but it had a significant impact on his personal life. He revealed that throughout his addiction, he was often told, “‘You’re here but you’re not with us’, which affected those he cared about in ways he couldn’t fully understand. It was like being isolated in a shelter during a hurricane, oblivious to the damage happening outside.”

Mickelson also acknowledged that there were enablers disguised as friends during his darkest times, but he credited his wife Amy for helping him through it all. He expressed his gratitude for her strength, saying he wouldn’t have been able to overcome his addiction without her.

The golfer also revealed that he sought professional help and is still in recovery, but he is moving in the right direction every day without gambling. This admission comes after popular gambler Billy Walters alleged that Mickelson had placed over $1 billion in bets over the past three decades.

Hot take: Looks like Mickelson’s gambles didn’t pay off this time. Let’s hope he can swing back into the game of life without hitting any hazards!

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