Georgia Woman Goes Viral for Destroying Street Performer’s Piano

A woman in Georgia is making headlines for her not-so-melodious behavior towards a street performer. In a viral video, the woman can be seen aggressively banging on the street performer’s piano, causing it to fall to the ground.

The incident took place in Athens, GA, where the street performer was entertaining the passersby with Billy Joel’s classic “Piano Man”. Not once, but twice, the woman interrupted his performance by slamming the keys and even reaching into his tip jar.

Internet sleuths were quick to identify the woman in the video as Shauntae Heard. Realizing the impact of her actions, Heard has since apologized for her behavior.

Heard expressed her regret, stating, “I’m sorry for everyone who has seen the viral video. I take full responsibility for my actions. I know it was wrong and ignorant, but please leave my family out of it. Your problem is with me, not them. Texting them won’t get you anything. I have already apologized to the person we had a talk.”

She also clarified, “I did not steal any money, and I did not break the piano. I’m a human just like all of you. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Again, I’m sorry for my actions. I’ve seen worse downtown. This is nothing compared to what I did, and I know it’s not right.”

Heard later had a phone conversation with the street performer, who accepted her apology. It seems like the keys have been pounded out for forgiveness in this unusual duet.

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