Fredrik Eklund Unveils Maya: The AI Real Estate Expert Powering Market Growth

Fredrik Eklund Unveils AI Real Estate Expert That Sparks Market Growth

Former “Million Dollar Listing” star Fredrik Eklund assures agents that his new AI real estate expert is not here to steal their jobs, but rather to ignite market growth.

Fredrik joined us on “TMZ Live” to introduce the world to Maya, who is touted as the first real estate guru powered by artificial intelligence. After 18 months of hard work, Fredrik and his team finally created Maya, and he couldn’t be more proud of what she can do.

Maya in action

According to Fredrik, Maya benefits both buyers and sellers in the housing market. She even has her own personality. While other websites like Zillow and Redfin have simplified the home buying process, Fredrik believes that Maya takes it to the next level.

Fredrik predicts that the way open houses are visited will change drastically in the coming years, and Maya will play a crucial role in this transformative revolution.

AI has been a controversial topic recently, with concerns about job displacement. However, Fredrik is not afraid of Maya’s capabilities replacing human agents just yet. He explains his perspective on this matter.

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