Former Raiders Star Chandler Jones Has Wild Encounter with Police: Video Shows Bizarre Requests and Rambling

Former Raiders star Chandler Jones had a wild encounter with police during his September arrest in Las Vegas. New police video obtained by TMZ Sports shows Jones making bizarre requests and rambling during his interaction with officers.

According to police documents, Jones was initially confronted outside his ex’s house for violating a temporary protection order.

In the body camera footage, Jones can be seen making strange requests from inside his Mercedes. He asked the officers to grab him and take him out, and even requested that one of the officers put his phone in the other cop’s pocket. Jones then tried to explain that he was parked outside his ex’s house because he was taking out her trash and dropping off a dumpster in the backseat.

Jones continued to ask for favors from the officers, including taking off his hat, sitting on the ground, itching his nose, and pulling up his shirt. When the police informed him that he would be taken to jail for violating the protection order, Jones complained that he couldn’t fit in the squad car due to his height and claimed his status as a professional athlete with 112 sacks for the Raiders.

Jones then asked the officers for the keys to his car, but eventually piled back into the squad car. As he got in, he yelled for help and claimed he wouldn’t sue the officers because he was a millionaire.

Jones was eventually booked on two separate charges of violating a domestic violence temporary protection order before being released. He was arrested again in early October for violating the order by sending Instagram messages to his ex.

The 33-year-old pass rusher has not played a snap on an NFL field since the 2022 season and remains a free agent after being cut by the Raiders following his first arrest.

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