Former NFL Star Jarrett Payton Opens Up About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Rumors

Former NFL star Jarrett Payton is certain that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating, and this comes from the guy who caught them leaving the Chiefs game together.

Jarrett, the son of football legend Walter Payton, recently joined us on “TMZ Live” and opened up about capturing Taylor and Travis leaving Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. He believes there’s genuine chemistry between them.

Jarrett’s quick clip has an interesting backstory. While filming coverage for Chicago’s WGN, he was stopped by security and told to wait in a hallway. It just so happened that Taylor and Travis walked right by him shortly after.

According to Jarrett, Travis might have given him a sideways look as they were leaving, but he was absolutely thrilled about the whole situation.

The internet has been buzzing about Taylor and Travis leaving together, and it’s worth noting that Taylor spent time with Travis’ mom, Donna, in a private box before that.

And for those of you who are convinced that Taylor and Travis are an item, Jarrett is right there with you.

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