Former NFL Player Shannon Sharpe Caught in Game of Hide and Seek with Selena Gomez and Paparazzi

Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe found himself unwittingly caught up in a game of hide and seek with pop star Selena Gomez and the paparazzi. Sharpe, who was leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant with former football player Chad Johnson, believes that Gomez’s team orchestrated a plan to use him as a distraction while she made a dash to her car without being captured by the cameras.

Sharpe suspects that Gomez’s crew realized he was famous at some point during the night, and when he got up to leave, they followed right behind him, hoping that the photographers would focus on the Broncos legend instead. Unfortunately for them, the plan only half-worked, as the interviewer who was speaking to Sharpe abruptly left the conversation mid-sentence to take a shot of Gomez before returning to interview the ESPN host.

Though Sharpe admits he doesn’t know much about the former Disney actress, he jokingly claimed that if he had known it was her at the time, he would have asked for a selfie. Better luck next time, Shay Shay!

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