Fighter Jet Crashes Near South Carolina Man’s Home: A Shocking Encounter

A Fighter Jet Crashes Near a South Carolina Man’s Home

A South Carolina man had the shock of his life when a military fighter jet crashed dangerously close to his home. Randolph White, who was in his bathroom at the time, described the noise as something “between a screech and a whistle.” He even recreated the sound for WBTW News13 in an unforgettable banshee-like squeal. You really have to see and hear it to believe it!

The loud boom that followed the strange noise was caused by an unmanned F-35B stealth fighter jet that had disappeared from the military’s radar. The pilot had safely ejected during a training flight. Randolph didn’t see the jet, so he initially didn’t report it, thinking it might have been a meteorite or a plane flying too low.

Military police and recovery teams have cordoned off the debris field left by the $100 million jet, but thankfully, no one on the ground was injured. We have to protect Randolph at all costs – he’s a national treasure!

Keep screeching on, Randy. Keep screeching on.

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