Family Home Demolished Without Consent: Atlanta Woman’s Shocking Story

Picture this: you come back from a relaxing vacation, ready to settle back into the comfort of your own home, only to find that it’s in shambles. Yes, we’ve all had those moments, haven’t we?

Well, in a bizarre turn of events, Susan Hodgson of Atlanta experienced just that. According to a report by the Associated Press (AP), Hodgson discovered that her family home of over 40 years had been completely demolished without her knowledge or consent.

Apparently, while Hodgson was away, a neighbor called and questioned whether she had hired a company to bulldoze her own home. This came as a complete surprise to Hodgson, as she had certainly not authorized any demolition plans.

Intrigued, Hodgson asked the neighbor to confront the crew responsible for the demolition. However, instead of a resolution, they were met with rude and dismissive behavior. But that’s not all – when Hodgson sent a family member with the correct paperwork to prove her ownership, the workers simply shrugged it off with a casual “oops, wrong address!”

And just like that, the workers packed up and left, without offering so much as an apology. Now, Hodgson is left trying to figure out her next steps and considering legal action against the company responsible for this colossal blunder.

In a statement to FOX5, the company involved, You Call It, We Haul It, claimed to be investigating the matter. But for now, that’s where things stand.

One can’t help but wonder how a home that was boarded up and well-maintained by Hodgson and her relatives could be mistaken for an abandoned property. Talk about a major screw-up!

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