Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Difficult Time in His Relationship with Gabrielle Union: Almost Ending It Over Infidelity and Fathering a Child with Another Woman

Dwyane Wade recently opened up about a difficult time in his relationship with wife Gabrielle Union. Wade revealed on the Club Shay Shay podcast that he almost ended their relationship when he found out he was having a child with another woman.

In 2013, while on a break from his relationship with Union, Wade fathered a son named Xavier with Aja Metoyer. Wade spoke about the mental struggles he faced during that time and how it continues to impact their relationship.

Wade admitted that their relationship is not perfect and they have sought therapy to work through their issues. He emphasized the ongoing effort required to maintain their love and connection.

Despite considering ending things with Union, Wade expressed gratitude that she never gave up on their love and consistently showed up for him.

Wade acknowledged the impact of their situation on their son, stating that he will always have to live with the narrative surrounding their relationship. Wade expressed empathy for his son, as the circumstances were not his fault.

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