Disney’s “Snow White” Reboot Delayed: Controversy, Casting Backlash, and CGI Dwarfs

Disney is pressing pause on its “Snow White” reboot, delaying its release by a year. The original plan was for the live-action film to hit theaters in March, but now fans will have to wait until Spring 2025 to see the beloved fairy tale come to life.

The decision to delay the film’s release has sparked speculation about the reasons behind the move. Some attribute it to the ongoing actors’ strike, while others believe it’s a response to the backlash the project has faced.

In an attempt to address the controversy, Disney released the first official publicity photo for the film. The image features Rachel Zegler as Snow White surrounded by the Seven Dwarfs, who are rendered using CGI to maintain the classic look.

This artistic choice comes as a surprise to some, as set photos from earlier this year had already leaked, giving fans a glimpse at what the “dwarfs” would look like in this modern adaptation.

Instead of casting little-person actors to play the dwarfs, Disney made the decision to cast six individuals of typical height and one little person. This casting choice sparked controversy and backlash online.

The studio’s decision to reimagine the story was partially driven by Peter Dinklage’s public criticism of the original narrative’s portrayal of little people. Dinklage’s comments prompted Disney to rethink their approach to the characters.

However, it seems like Disney is now backtracking on their initial decision. The promotional image released by the studio suggests that actual dwarfs will be featured in the film, which raises questions about the use of CGI and the potential exclusion of little-person actors.

Ultimately, Disney will have to navigate both the controversy surrounding the casting choices and the lead star’s previous remarks about the story. Rachel Zegler, who portrays Snow White, faced criticism for her comments on the outdated nature of the character.

Comparisons have been drawn between Zegler’s stance on “Snow White” and Halle Bailey’s attitude towards “The Little Mermaid,” with some noting the difference in how they view the source material. Only time will tell if Zegler’s perspective evolves as the film progresses.

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