Dana White Responds to Criticism Over Bud Light Partnership: “It Wasn’t About Money”

Dana White has responded to the criticism over his recent partnership with Bud Light, following the controversy surrounding Dylan Mulvaney. In an interview, White made it clear that the decision had nothing to do with money.

The UFC announced earlier this week that Anheuser-Busch would once again be their official beer sponsor, sparking backlash from those who had previously boycotted the company. However, White stated that he couldn’t care less about what people think of the deal.

In response to the criticism, White slammed those who claimed it was all about money, pointing out that sponsorships are always about making cash. He also emphasized that Bud Light was not a last resort, but rather a choice based on the company’s values.

“Everybody involved in this deal knows that it wasn’t about money for me,” White stated. “We were going to make money regardless of who we partnered with.”

White also highlighted the specific initiatives and values of Bud Light that attracted him to the partnership, including their support for the military, law enforcement, and local farmers.

Addressing those who suggested he was just a media puppet, White firmly stated, “Nobody writes me a script. Nobody tells me what to say. Ever.”

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/26/dana-white-slams-ufc-bud-light-sponsor-critics-deal-not-about-money/