“Curt Schilling Sparks Controversy by Sharing Tim Wakefield’s Cancer Diagnosis Without Permission”

The Red Sox just confirmed that former pitcher Curt Schilling revealed Tim Wakefield’s diagnosis without permission. The team released a statement saying that Tim and his wife intended to keep their health matter private as they navigate treatment. They are asking for privacy at this time.

The wife of Red Sox legend Jason Varitek expressed her anger towards Curt Schilling for sharing Tim Wakefield’s cancer diagnosis. She straightforwardly stated, “F*** you Curt Schilling.”

Curt Schilling leaked the news of Wakefield’s health condition on his podcast, The Curt Schilling Baseball Show, without knowing if Wakefield wanted it shared. However, Schilling stated that as a Christian and a man of faith, he believes in the power of prayer and wanted to talk about it.

Schilling disclosed that Wakefield is battling a very serious and aggressive form of brain cancer. He mentioned that Wakefield recently underwent surgery and asked for prayers.

Many criticized Schilling for revealing the diagnosis before Wakefield could. Catherine Varitek, in particular, tweeted, “F*** you Curt Schilling, that wasn’t your place!”

Schilling has yet to respond to the backlash, and Wakefield has not commented on the matter either.

Originally Published – 9:06 AM PT

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