Connecticut Man Attempts to Stop Carjackers, Receives Brutal Beatdown in Westport Garage

Connecticut Man Tries to Stop Carjackers, Gets Beatdown Instead

Risky Battle in Westport Home

A Connecticut man tried to stop two carjackers from stealing his Aston Martin sports car … but his heroics fell short and ended with him getting a video-recorded beatdown.

Captured on Camera

Check out this Ring camera footage, which captured the intense battle between the masked thieves and the courageous man in his garage at his Westport home on Sunday afternoon.

Brazen Confrontation

As you can see, the man is sitting behind the wheel of his luxury vehicle when the suspects brazenly walk in and confront him.

A Brief Tussle

One perp throws open the driver’s side door and orders him out, but he refuses and the two get into a tussle. The other perp hurries over to help his buddy, but the man is able to briefly fend them off.

Tossed to the Ground

Turning more aggressive, the assailants yank the man out of his seat and toss him to the ground before jumping into the car.

A Desperate Fight

As they’re about to pull away, the man stands up and starts fighting with the driver while screaming out for someone to call the police. That only makes the thieves angrier, and they begin pummeling the man as the video cuts off.

The Getaway

A rep for Westport PD said the suspects sped away in the car and are still at large.

Hot take: Should’ve defended his car with a can of silly string, those thieves would have been too busy laughing to steal anything!

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