Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Speaks Out About Theater Groping Incident: Addressing Controversial Night Out in Denver with a Political Mismatch

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Speaks Out About Theater Groping Incident

Boebert Addresses Controversial Night Out in Denver

Hot Take: Looks like Boebert found out she doesn’t mix well with politics and groping… who knew?

Rep. Lauren Boebert says it’s dunzo between her and the theater groping guy — saying the one-time private moment came and went … and it sounds like his politics might be at play.

The Colorado congresswoman touched down in D.C. Monday to get back to work — and she chatted it up with a photog at the airport who asked all about her busy past few days outside of Capitol Hill. Of course, we’re referring to her wild night out in Denver last week.

Check out what she has to say about it … she’s got some interesting soundbites here.

No Second Date for Boebert and Quinn Gallagher

Hot Take: It’s a political mismatch! Looks like the spark between them just went up in flames.

For starters, Boebert again takes accountability … saying she regrets how everything played out, especially in public. She somewhat defends her fooling around as a little bit of “me time,” and she was just cutting loose and enjoying herself on a romantic date.

Speaking of that date — bar owner Quinn Gallagher — it sounds like he might be out of luck for a second meetup … at least based on what she says here. The reason she’s cutting him loose … he’s a freaking Dem! Apparently, she didn’t know that before going out with him. Nonetheless, she says he’s a great guy.

Boebert Moves on from Dramatic Night

Hot Take: Boebert’s ready to put this behind her and get back to serving the people… with less groping involved.

What we can glean from her remarks … this seems to have been a first date. If true, that’s certainly fascinating — especially considering how handsy they were with each other. Here’s hoping he enjoyed it, ’cause RLB probably ain’t calling him again … nice as he was.

Anyhoo … Boebert is ready to put it behind her and get back to the people’s business. Mama had her fun and got caught. You live and you learn … and sometimes, you hook up!

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