“Colorado Bear Attacks Security Guard in Aspen Hotel: Shocking Video Footage”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

A Colorado bear took Jeremy Allen White’s role in “The Bear” a bit too literally … because video shows it goin’ berserk on a security guard in the kitchen of an Aspen hotel!

The grisly attack happened Monday night at the St. Regis Aspen Resort — you can see the male bear making itself at home before being confronted by the on-duty security guard … swiping at him and taking him to the ground.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the guard went to investigate reports of a bear inside the hotel — which is currently closed for renovations — but apparently gave the animal a fright when they met face-to-face in the kitchen.

The victim called 911 and was taken to a nearby hospital to get treatment for the scratches on his back — and yes, he ended up being alright.

Wildlife officials found the culprit early Tuesday morning but couldn’t immediately sedate it due to “public safety” … but a whole day later, they spotted it in a nearby park and used a tranquilizer gun on it while in a tree.

The CPW says the black bear was humanely euthanized, per its policy … and was sent to the CPW Wildlife Health Lab in Fort Collins for a full autopsy.


Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/10/27/bear-attacks-security-guard-hotel-kitchen-aspen-colorado-video/