Chris Long Defends the Eagles’ “Brotherly Shove” Play and Tells Haters to Kick Rocks

Chris Long Tells Haters of the “Tush Push” to Kick Rocks

Former NFL player Chris Long has a message for teams that have a problem with the Philadelphia Eagles’ controversial “Brotherly Shove” play: learn how to stop it.

The “Brotherly Shove” play has become a hot topic in the NFL this year, with the Eagles using it successfully to convert QB sneaks into first downs.

While some argue that the play is unfair or dangerous and should be banned, Long disagrees. He believes that the play’s detractors are simply envious of the Eagles and their success.

“The Eagles running it looks totally different than the Niners running it or some other team,” Long explained. “And I think people are just mad at Philly. No one likes us, we don’t care.”

Long dismisses the idea that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should step in to address the controversy. Instead, he suggests that teams should “draft bigger guys” or avoid third- and fourth-down-and-short plays against the Eagles altogether.

Long’s opinion on the matter has gained a larger platform this year as he joins the cast of “Inside the NFL.” He’s clearly enjoying the opportunity to express his views.

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