Celebrities Ray J and Bobby Brackins Host “Expensive Thrills” Mechanical Bull Contest

Celebrities Ray J and Bobby Brackins Host Mechanical Bull Contest

Ray J and Bobby Brackins recently hosted a mechanical bull riding contest, and they weren’t joking around when it came to the prize money. The winner walked away with a cool $25,000 for just a few minutes of fun. That’s one expensive mechanical bull ride!

The event, which was held at San Francisco’s Westwood bar, was so popular that the owners made an exception and played hip hop music all night instead of the usual country tunes. Clearly, the crowd was loving the change of pace.

The grand prize went to a woman named “JC,” and it’s not hard to see why she was the clear winner. Not only was she the only contestant to stay on the bull-bot, but she also added some flair by taking off her shirt and spinning it like a helicopter. Talk about putting on a show!

Even Ray J couldn’t hold on for very long on the mechanical bull, but that didn’t dampen the spirit of the crowd. He gave a full performance and the audience loved every track he performed. Who knew Ray J had some hidden bull-riding skills?

Ray J and Bobby Brackins are using the buzz from the event to promote their latest collaboration, “On Top.” They’re aiming to climb the Billboard charts with this catchy track. It’s definitely not their first rodeo, and it won’t be their last. Keep an eye out for their upcoming collaboration with Jeremih!

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