California Deputy Caught on Camera Body Slamming Teenage Girl: WWE Moves in the Classroom?

A California deputy was caught on camera engaging in what can only be described as an extremely over-the-top wrestling move on a teenage girl, leaving her barely conscious and probably seeing stars.

The incident, which was captured on video and posted on Instagram, took place at Victor Valley High School. Deputies from the Victorville PD were called to break up a fight, but instead of diffusing the situation peacefully, one deputy decided to showcase his WWE-worthy moves.

The video begins with the deputy hoisting the 16-year-old girl into the air before aggressively throwing her to the ground. It’s like he forgot he was dealing with a human being and not a rag doll.

After the brutal body slam, concerned onlookers rushed to the girl’s aid. She appeared completely disoriented and barely conscious, resembling a character from a video game after being hit with a knockout punch.

In an attempt to disperse the rowdy crowd, deputies fired pepper balls, but it seems like their aim was as accurate as Stormtroopers’. Instead, the crowd turned on the deputies, and the girl made an ill-advised attempt to seize the pepper ball launcher.

According to police, the deputy pulled the girl away, causing her to land on the ground. However, the video evidence clearly contradicts the police department’s statement. It seems more like a WWE move gone wrong than a legitimate law enforcement action.

The injured teenager was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment, but her exact condition and the extent of her injuries have not been disclosed. Hopefully, she didn’t sustain any long-term damage from the deputy’s questionable wrestling skills.

In a bizarre turn of events, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for punching a deputy in the face during the chaos. He was later booked into a juvenile hall, which serves as a reminder that this incident was truly a spectacle of ridiculous proportions.

The district attorney’s office is currently reviewing the incident to determine if criminal charges should be brought against both the boy and the girl, who likely didn’t expect a night at a high school fight to turn into an episode of WrestleMania.

As for the hefty deputy who decided to showcase his body-slamming skills instead of using de-escalation tactics, police officials declined to comment on his current status. Perhaps they’re waiting for him to perfect his finishing move before making any official statements.

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