“Brittany Renner’s Shocking Revelation: Sleeping with 35 Men Leaves Shannon Sharpe Speechless”

Brittany Renner recently sat down for a candid interview with Shannon Sharpe on his podcast “Club Shay Shay.” During their conversation, Renner revealed that she has slept with 35 men, which left Sharpe shocked. He even had to take a swig of booze to recover.

The discussion started when the “Basketball Wives” star was talking about Derek Jeter’s dating life. Renner mentioned that her list of partners was comparable to the legendary Yankees player. She then dropped the bombshell number of men she has been with.

Sharpe’s reaction was priceless. He was so stunned that he almost spit out his water before reaching for something stronger.

This intimate conversation didn’t end there. Renner continued to share more details, like the time she caught a yeast infection after being with three men in a span of 24 hours. The conversation also touched on her relationship with her ex, NBA player P.J. Washington.

Renner explained that she had been on birth control for ten years but decided to go off it when she got together with Washington because she believed he was the one. She said, “I thought I was doing it right.”

Despite their split, Renner expressed that she is on good terms with Washington and even congratulated him on his recent engagement to Alisah Chanel. She shared that she had a four-hour conversation with his fiancée over brunch and believes they are a perfect match.

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