Britney Spears’ Memoir Set to Make Millions, Thanks to Her Best Friend and Manager

Britney Spears Set to Cash In on Memoir

Britney Spears is about to make bank with her upcoming memoir. According to insiders, she will receive a whopping 25% of the net profits from the book. This percentage is expected to cover the $12.5 million advance she received for the project.

Rumors have been circulating that Britney got a $15 million advance, but TMZ has confirmed that it’s actually $12.5 million. So, she’s still sitting pretty with a significant amount of money coming her way.

The memoir, titled “The Woman in Me,” is already selling like hotcakes. Originally priced at $32.99, it’s now available for $23.05 on Amazon, with the Kindle version priced at $16.99. Fans can also purchase the audio CD for $29.69.

The book has already sold over 400,000 copies, and with its current trajectory, it could easily surpass the one-million mark in sales.

But who’s responsible for the success of Britney’s memoir? It’s none other than her best friend and manager, Cade Hudson. Sources reveal that Hudson played a crucial role in convincing Britney to write and complete the book. Despite Britney’s initial reluctance, Hudson’s persistent encouragement paid off in the end.

In the memoir’s acknowledgments, Britney expresses her gratitude to Hudson for his unwavering support throughout the process.

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