Britney Spears’ Black 2006 Mercedes For Sale: Get a Piece of Pop Star History

The car Britney Spears drove during, perhaps, the most chaotic and eventful year of her life is now up for grabs. This means that someone is about to acquire one of the most famous celebrity vehicles of all time. 

The iconic ride is Britney’s black 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK350, and it has been showcased at the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois since 2011. However, it now comes with a price tag of $70k.

The sporty convertible was once considered the most perilous vehicle roaming the streets of L.A., as it was the very car Britney was driving in 2007 when her life took a downward spiral. That was the year she brazenly ran red lights while engaging in a cat-and-mouse game with paparazzi, embarked on numerous late-night joyrides, and infamously caused a hit-and-run incident. 

While it may not be a one-of-a-kind vehicle, Britney’s Benz became almost as recognizable as her, as photographers snapped countless shots of it on a daily basis. Her life during that dark period reached a climax in January 2008 when she was forcibly taken from her residence in an ambulance and admitted to a hospital.

Later that same year, she entered a conservatorship that remained in place until 2021. In other words, this car has been through it all, which explains why it has been parked in a museum for everyone to see. 

However, Volo Auto Museum is now looking to find a new owner for this piece of pop star history. So, if you’re up for it, the car could be yours. Just make sure to drive carefully!

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