Blueface Sparks Controversy in Custody Battle: Shocking Photo of Son’s Condition Surfaces

Rapper Blueface managed to stir up controversy in his ongoing custody battle with Chrisean Rock. In an attempt to prove his point, Blueface shocked and outraged onlookers by posting a graphic picture of their son’s unhealthy genitals on social media. Despite the backlash, Blueface remains defiant and unapologetic. He defended his actions, saying, “This is what my son’s d**k looks like, and she’s worried about me? Fix our son’s condition first, then do what you want.”

The explicit photo has been blurred for obvious reasons. Blueface claims that their weeks-old son was suffering from a hernia, and Chrisean had not yet scheduled the necessary surgery to correct the condition. Fans were divided in their reactions to Blueface’s lack of discretion when it comes to his family affairs. Some pointed out Chrisean’s behavior during pregnancy as a contributing factor to the messy situation, while others questioned Blueface’s parenting skills.

Tensions escalated further as some people called for Child Protective Services to intervene. Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, echoed these sentiments and demanded that the child receive proper medical care. Meanwhile, Blueface and Chrisean continue to clash, with their ongoing feud intensifying ever since their baby’s birth. Last week, Chrisean publicly admitted fault for not cradling the baby’s head properly while shopping at Walmart, which disappointed Blueface. However, he still believes that Chrisean is not serious about raising their child.

Unfortunately, until some resolution is reached, it is the innocent child who will bear the brunt of their ongoing dispute.

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