Blueface Claps Back at Matthew Stafford’s Wife and Leaves Stadium Incident Unresolved

Blueface, the California rapper known for his hit song “Thotiana,” is firing back at Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, after she criticized his makeshift strip club at the Rams game on Sunday. In a series of tweets, Blueface referred to Kelly as a straight-up “Karen.”

Kelly had called out Blueface for making it rain on nearly nude dancers in his SoFi Stadium suite, deeming his behavior embarrassing and disappointing. However, Blueface defended his actions, stating that he was never kicked out or reprimanded by stadium officials. Interestingly enough, both the Rams and SoFi Stadium have evaded responsibility for the incident, leaving it oddly unresolved even if Kelly expressed her disapproval.

In his rant, Blueface also went after Matthew Stafford, accusing him of contributing to the Rams’ loss to the Steelers. He remarked, “I could talk about how y’all lost the game and what Matt could have done better as a QB; that’s what his wife needs to be talking about. My antics didn’t lose us the game.”

Blueface concluded by promising to return to SoFi Stadium for the next Rams game. Kelly has yet to respond to his comments, although she has been vocal about her opinion on his behavior. On her podcast, “The Morning After,” she criticized Blueface, calling his suite antics embarrassing and disappointing. She even mentioned that she would reconsider bringing her kids to the game if the situation remained unresolved.

The next game in LA is scheduled for November 19, leaving ample time for Blueface and Kelly to either bury the hatchet or let the beef continue to simmer.

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