Blueface Claims Phone Was Hacked After Controversial Photo | Should He Face Legal Consequences?

Rapper Blueface is trying to distance himself from the controversy surrounding a photo of his infant son’s private parts that was posted on his social media. He’s claiming that his phone was stolen and his account was hacked, shifting the blame away from himself.

As the criticism against Blueface started pouring in, he fired back with a tweet alleging that his phone was stolen and his Twitter account was used against his will. However, few people are buying this new claim.

This “hacked” account conveniently supported Blueface’s side of the argument, which is highly unlikely in a genuine hacking situation.

The controversial post made by the allegedly hacked account included a lengthy rant about Blueface’s son’s medical issues, including an alleged hernia. The post expressed anger towards the child’s mother, Chrisean Rock, accusing her of neglecting the infant’s healthcare.

The situation between Blueface and Chrisean has been deteriorating since she was seen improperly holding their child at Walmart. Things are only getting worse with each passing day.

If you ask whether Blueface should face legal consequences for posting a photo of his child’s private parts, cast your vote below.

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