Beyoncé Fan Gets Smacked for Ruining the “Mute Challenge” at Houston Show

It seems that when Beyoncé tells everyone to be silent, she really means it. A concertgoer at her recent Houston show learned this the hard way when they got smacked for ruining the viral “mute challenge.” The incident happened during the performance of Beyoncé’s song “Energy,” and judging by the footage, the person in the crowd just couldn’t keep quiet.

The strict rule of silence during Beyoncé’s concerts has become a growing trend throughout her world tour. The BeyHive, her loyal fanbase, has become quite skilled at maintaining complete silence. They’ve also become quite protective of their queen, as demonstrated by an incident where one rowdy fan got hit while munching on some popcorn. We’re not sure if the two know each other, but the woman who struck him made it very clear with some choice words.

Unsurprisingly, fans online have been less than thrilled with the disruptive concertgoer. One person summed it up perfectly, saying, “When the queen says stfu you stfu.” It’s just impossible to get an entire stadium to stay completely quiet, so there will always be some who disregard the social media trend and ruin the challenge.

That being said, most fans have been eagerly participating in the mute challenge and doing it justice. There was even a fan who caught themselves just in time and prevented themselves from ruining it for everyone else. Now that’s some impressive self-control!

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