Bella Hadid Opens Up about Middle East Conflict: Condemning Terrorism and Facing Backlash

Bella Hadid Breaks Silence on Middle East Conflict

The world-famous model, Bella Hadid, has finally spoken out about the ongoing attacks in the Middle East. In a profound statement, she condemned terrorism and expressed her horror at the recent events.

Being of Palestinian descent, Bella shared her struggle to find the right words to express her thoughts on the deeply troubling situation in the region. She started her statement with an apology for her previous silence, acknowledging the difficulty in addressing the “intricate and horrific” events of the past two weeks.

The escalating violence in Israel and Palestine has brought global attention back to a long-standing conflict that has claimed countless innocent lives and torn families apart for decades. Bella emphasized the urgency of raising awareness and standing up for the people of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza, who continue to suffer in silence.

Bella revealed that she has been deeply affected by the images and stories of pain and destruction she has witnessed online. She expressed solidarity with the families whose lives have been shattered by the aftermath of the Gaza airstrikes.

While Bella’s focus was on Palestine, she also extended her condolences to the Israeli families who have experienced pain and loss due to the recent attacks by Hamas. She strongly condemned all acts of terrorism against civilians, anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, raising her voice for Palestine has come at a cost for Bella. She confirmed reports of receiving numerous death threats and even having her personal phone number leaked. This comes after her sister, Gigi Hadid, also expressed her support for Palestine and faced backlash.

Gigi was even directly criticized by the State of Israel’s social media account for her comments. Both sisters are facing opposition for their pro-Palestinian stance.

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