Anthony Anderson Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife: Spousal Support and Assets Split Revealed

Anthony Anderson Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife

Anthony anderson Alvina anderson

Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson will be forking over a hefty $20,000 per month to his ex-wife, Alvina Stewart, according to their divorce judgment. But that’s not all, folks. If Anthony’s career takes off and he starts raking in over $2 million in a year, he’ll have to pay an additional 20% of his earnings. Talk about a high price for success!

This is how spousal support works, so the more dough Anthony brings in, the more he’ll have to give up to Alvina. And while he may not be leaving the marriage empty-handed, he’ll definitely be feeling the pinch.

Anthony Anderson & Alvina Stewart getty family

As for the division of assets, Anthony gets to hold onto their property in Encino, CA, as well as a 2004 Land Rover. Alvina, on the other hand, gets the 2022 Mazda and their place in Houston. In a surprising twist, the couple will be selling their cemetery plot at Inglewood Park Cemetery and splitting the proceeds. Rest in peace to that deal!

Lastly, there’s a tiny issue with a glock-19 firearm that’s registered to Alvina but is currently in Anthony’s possession. According to the divorce judgment, Anthony will have to return the gun to law enforcement within the next 30 days. Better get on that, Anthony!

Alvina Stewart & Anthony Anderson -- Happier Times

In case you missed it, Alvina filed for divorce from Anthony last year, but their road to splitsville wasn’t without its twists and turns. They originally separated in 2015, with Alvina filing for divorce, only to drop the case a year later. Interestingly enough, this was around the time Anthony landed his role on the hit show “Black-ish.” Coincidence? We think not.

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