Alicia Keys Launches “Alicia Teas”: A Melodic Twist in the Beverage Industry

Alicia Keys' Own Line of Teas

Alicia Keys’ Newest Venture: A Tea-riffic Idea!

Alicia Keys is making a splash in the beverage industry, but don’t expect any boozy concoctions. The talented singer recently filed a trademark for her own line of teas, cleverly named “Alicia Teas.” It’s a play on her own name and definitely fits right into the world of drinks.

The documents, obtained by TMZ, reveal that Alicia’s company, AK Worldwide, is securing the rights to the name “Alicia Teas” for her upcoming tea line. Who could have thought a gift from her boo, Swizz Beatz, would inspire this new venture?

What makes this even more amusing is that it all began with a birthday present from Swizz. Last year, Swizz went all out and gifted Alicia her very own line of teas. Who knew tea could be such a unique and thoughtful present?

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

Swizz even joked that the “Alicia Teas” would eventually be sold in Starbucks stores worldwide. So, who knows? Maybe soon you’ll be sipping on a cup of “Alicia Teas” while starting your day at your favorite coffee chain!

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