Adele Gets Invited for a Spooky Visit to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

Adele recently expressed her curiosity about Zak Bagans’ haunted museum in the desert. And it seems like Zak heard her loud and clear because he is inviting her for a spooky visit on the house!

Zak Bagans, the host of the show “Ghost Adventures,” is known for his obsession with all things paranormal. When he found out that Adele was talking about his Vegas-area Haunted Museum during one of her recent residency shows, he was thrilled.

In case you missed it, Adele was chatting with a guest at her concert when she showed interest in Zak’s spooky tourist attraction.

Zak’s museum is filled with a huge collection of artifacts that are said to be haunted, and the building itself has a dark history. It has even been featured on one of Zak’s shows.

Zak personally reached out to TMZ and extended an invitation to Adele for a free VIP tour of the museum, along with a personal séance if she’s up for it. To make it even spookier, Zak is willing to bring in well-known psychic/medium Patti Negri to lead the séance.

Interestingly, Adele has dealt with personal tragedy in recent years, including the loss of her estranged father and her best friend’s mother. Perhaps she would like to try and contact them, or maybe even other spirits.

Now that Zak’s offer is out there, the ball is in Adele’s court. Considering she is practically right next door, why not take him up on the offer?

Spooky season is upon us, and as Adele once sang, “it’s time to love in the dark.”

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