“Actor John Cusack Calls Out Democrats for Lack of Morals: Blames Them for Trump’s Appeal”

Actor John Cusack, known for his liberal views, is calling out Democrats for their lack of morals, as he sees it. In a fiery social media rant, Cusack criticizes top Democratic Party members, blaming them for pushing people towards considering Donald Trump as president. He even takes a swipe at former President Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogan, calling it “another branded hustle.” Cusack’s outburst was sparked by an article suggesting Democrats may eliminate federal wealth taxes, to which he responds, “This kind of staggering amoral bulls*** is one of the main reasons Trump’s demagoguery works on people.” It seems Cusack, who typically aligns with Democrats on politics, activism, and wealth distribution, has had enough with the left—for now, at least.

Original article https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/21/john-cusack-slams-democrats-elite-party-members-liberal-rant/